A Scary and Thrilling Experience in a Seedy 70's Motel

You’ve been hired to stay the night at the run-down Starlight Motel in an attempt to learn their secrets. What you uncover is much more terrifying than you could have imagined.

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RECOMMENDED Group Size: 3 - 7

Time: 1 Hour

$30 Per Ticket: Private Bookings Only

Due to the scary nature of this experience only private bookings are allowed. No one under 16 admitted without adult and not recommended for those under 14 years old.

What you SHOULD know before booking

The Starlight Motel contains low-light and flashing light conditions, unsettling scenery and sounds, jump scares, and at least one member of your team will need to get on their hands and knees. It is not a bloody or gory experience. Click here for an independent review of this attraction.

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