The Escape Room That Travels To You!  

The Lift has been the scene of many mysterious disappearances through the years.  Victims have reportedly entered the lift on the ground floor but when the doors opened on the 10th they were nowhere to be seen.  You are about to take the same ride they did, but hopefully you won't befall the same fate.  Will you be able to solve your way out of The Lift?  

Each lift has two scenarios so it can be re-played with two different challenges.  

Mobile Escape Details

Group Size: 2-4 per 10 min.experience, or 20 participants every hour

RE-PLAYABLE:  The lift can be played up to 2 times with different Scenarios and puzzles

Time: 10 minutes

Footprint:  5 ft x 12 ft x 8.5 ft tall, Assembled on site

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