Only one team will escape The Fallout.  Will it be yours?  


Two feuding families trying to escape a doomsday apocalypse.  Only one will make it out in time.  Will the Redfields or the Bluefords reach the grand finale and blow the other team up before the clock runs out?  Choose your team and get ready to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and prepare for the end of the world.  You have one hour to outsmart your rivals- and escape the fallout.  

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RECOMMENDED Group Size for one Team: 4-7

RECOMMENDED Group Size for both Teams: 10-14

book either the red or blue team in your race against the clock.  for larger groups (8 or more) book both teams to race each other!  

Time: 1 Hour


teams of 2-4: $27 per ticket  

Teams of 5-7: $25 per ticket  

Book at least 10 (5 per team) to ensure a private duel*  

*If you have booked 5 or more per team and would like the remaining spots closed to the public, please email after all your reservations are complete.  

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