Challenge Your Skills - Work Together - Solve the Mystery - Escape!

Choose Your Escape Room Adventure


group Size: 2 - 5

Agents, we need your help for a very unconventional mission. Your opponents are sneaky and their world domination scheme is almost complete. Will you be able to stop them in time?


Group Size: 2 - 8

The Inventor is missing - likely stuck in one of his many crazy contraptions again. It’s up to you to save him before it’s too late and he is stuck forever!


Group Size: 3 - 7

You’ve been hired to stay the night at the run-down Starlight Motel in an attempt to learn their secrets. What you uncover is much more terrifying than you could have imagined.


Group Size: 2 - 6

A mysterious cabin in the woods.  A private invitation from a formerly well-respected psychologist. Can you solve Dr. Fratelli's clues and escape before your time is up?


Group Size: 2-7 per team, 10-14 for the duel

Choose your team carefully in this game-show style face-off for all the glory! You have one hour to outsmart your rivals- and escape the fallout.


Group Size: 2-4

Can you escape the Lift before it comes crashing down? This 10-minute escape experience is the perfect add-on to any of our one hour adventures.

Be The Hero of Your Own Personal Adventure!  

Bring your friends, family, or co-workers and work together as a team to solve the puzzle.  It's a perfect adventure for team building, family bonding, or date night! 

It's Time To Try Something New and Exciting

Tired of simply breaking out?  Looking for a fresh, challenging adventure?

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"Escape Artist is by far the best escape room experience we've ever had!" - Google Review

"Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes" - Greenville on the Rise

"Ultimate team-building experience" - Upstate Business Journal

"It was worth every penny we spent" - Kidding Around Greenville

"Believe the hype!" - Trip Advisor Review

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