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Escape Artist FAQ


What is an Escape Room? 

In our interactive escape rooms, you and your team will need to work together to "escape" the room before time runs out.  To succeed you'll need to solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items and more.  It’s great for groups of friends, family or coworkers who want relief from the same old activities and want a night out in downtown Greenville.  

What is special about Escape Artist Greenville?   

We are Greenville's first escape room.  We're also the only escape room in Greenville that designs and develops our own games and puzzles.  That means Escape Artist Greenville is the only place in the world where you can experience these adventures.  Because we design each adventure ourselves, we can continually make changes and improvements to create a fresh, customized experience for you! You won't find a more immersive and fun experience around- but don't take our word for it.  Check out what others are saying about us on TripAdvisor.  

What Days and times are you open? 

We are open every day of the week! For a list of available time slots, just visit our booking page and click “Check Availability and Buy Tickets.” Would you like to bring a group outside our regularly schedule time slots? Just Ask!

What time should I arrive? 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled adventure time.

Is there an age limit? 

Yes.  You must be 16 years or older to participate without an adult.  There is nothing in the adventure inappropriate for younger audiences but the puzzles are geared toward more sophisticated minds.

This sounds like the movie Saw.  Is it scary? 

No. Think of it more like the movie The Goonies or Indiana Jones. No limbs will be removed, we promise.

This sounds like the movie Panic Room.  Is it scary? 

No relation. No offense Jodie.

Will we really be locked in? 

No. You can exit at any time. Safety is our top priority.

Will I have to do math or know random facts like “What year was Ben Franklin elected president?”   

No. There will be no such nonsense. And Ben Franklin was never elected president.  

WHICH Adventure should i choose?

 We’ve created a page just to help answer this question! We’re also always happy to give a recommendation by phone or email.